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About Us

DrinkHelp.ie provides access to information and advice on alcohol-related issues and problems, and the help and services available to people concerned about their own drinking or the drinking of a family member or friend.

As well as acting as a means to allow people get the help they need quickly, DrinkHelp.ie is also a resource for information on alcohol consumption and other alcohol-related issues.

This includes our series of leaflets providing information and advice on alcohol, including tips on how to cut down on your drinking and some of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you do.

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DrinkHelp.ie also provides information and advice on how to talk to others, such as a family member or friend, whose drinking habits you be worried about, including how to talk to someone whose drinking you’re concerned about and how to talk to a child about alcohol.

We also provide information, advice and links to the relevant supports for those of all ages who may be suffering as a result of someone else’s drinking, such as a parent or partner.