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Are you concerned about someone else?

Are you concerned about someone else?

All too often, the prevailing view is that it’s only ‘alcoholics’ whose drinking causes problems for themselves and for others.

But someone doesn’t need to be an alcoholic for their drinking to cause problems for themselves and worry for those close to them. Different drinking patterns carry different sets of risks and harms.

For example, heavy drinking sessions can lead to falls and injuries, while regular drinking, even at low levels, can effect mental health and sleep patterns.

However, because drinking has become a regular part of life for so many, and alcohol so widely available and widely used, it’s easy to forget that alcohol is a drug that is toxic as well as intoxicating.

You might be concerned about the way some-one drinks for a number of reasons. Those reasons can include

  • Arguing and fighting while drunk
  • Pulling “sickies” because of hangovers
  • Regularly in low mood or bad mood due to drinking and hangovers
  • Getting injured while drunk
  • Spending a lot of money on alcohol
  • Won’t socialise without drinking

Many people are concerned about and/or affected by someone else’s drinking – it is a common enough worry when so many people in Ireland drink too much, too often.

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